How to apply for a BACF Grant


The Grant Workshop slides may be viewed here: 2023 Grant Cycle Workshop Slides

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Create an account

If your organization doesn’t already have an account with BACF, then the first step is to create an account for your organization on our website.

Click on the menu icon in the upper right corner of the website, then click again on Log in. At the next window you will be prompted to enter your Username (or Email) and Password if you already have an account. You can also click Register to create an account.

See examples of the menu and login below. Applicants can log in to the Grantee Dashboard (or Register to Apply) here.

Note: if you lose your password, you can retrieve a new one here.

BACF menu image

Create a Profile

The second step is to create a Profile for your organization on the BACF website.

Log in by going to the menu in the upper right corner of the website, click, then click again on Log in. You will be brought to the Grantee page. Here you can create or update your profile.

In order to complete your Profile you must upload your 501(c)(3) ruling or your application to the IRS. Have these documents ready before you start your Profile.

You can download the Tool Tip instructions for completing the Profile: BACF Profile Instructions


Application information & required Documents

Read about the Grant Types below from the menu to determine the best grant option for your organization. Gather all the necessary documents based on your grant type.

On the Grantee Dashboard, you will see the current year Grant Application in addition to your organization’s Profile.

These sections will provide more details on the process and information required to complete the online application.

You can also read the useful Tool Tip Instructions for your Grant type.

Programming Grants $5K or less:
BACF $5000 or less Instructions

Programming Grants over $5K:
BACF over $5000 Instructions

Sustainability Grant:
BACF Sustainability Instructions

Please Note:

Pursuant to Illinois statute, all charitable 501(c)(3) organizations who solicit donations are required to file an annual report with the Illinois Attorney General’s Office. 

With your application documents, we will request that you upload copies of your previous 2 annual reports. 

If you have not filled this out before, you can print and fill it out, and label it as draft and with the date of submission on the top of the form. If you are less than 2 years old submit only the applicable years. Link to Illinois Charitable Organization Annual Report

Complete the online Application

Using the information you gathered in STEP #3 you are now ready to complete your application online.

Programming Grants $5K or less – click here for application

Programming Grants $5K or more – click here for application

Sustainability Grants – click here for application

If you are unable to complete entering your application during one session, no worries, just click “SAVE” and come back to it later.

When you are ready to officially apply, click the “I am ready to apply for a grant” box. The Application is now in Review process. At this time you will no longer be able to edit the Application.

Remember: the application cannot be saved without uploading the required documents, so it is best to have them ready before starting the form.

Please Contact us if you have any questions.

No matter which application type you complete:

When you have entered all of the required information for your application;

Be Sure to Click the “Done Editing” check box before submitting.