BACF Grant Information

The mission of the Barrington Area Community Foundation is to address the unmet needs of the community. Each year BACF asks charities that serve the area to present grant requests for funds within their individual missions. The primary focus of the grant process is to provide seed money for new or expanding projects that follow our mission statement. We will also consider requests for unusual or unexpected Capital Improvements.
The Foundation will judge and make grants annually from its permanent funds based on the the degree of impact to the area population in School District 220 and the Barrington Area Council of Governments (BACOG) including the greater of the two. Our formula balances the local needs and at a minimum preserves the corpus of net assets.

Funding, not programming, is the basic function of the Foundation.



BACF’s focus remains addressing unmet needs of the Barrington Community. 

For the second year, we will accept applications based on financial need in order to sustain programming in the Barrington Area. There will continue to be a strong emphasis on financials and longevity of the charity and it’s programming.

Sustainability Grant applicants must show they have: (i) lost funding from their usual donation sources; or (ii) have not had the ability to conduct usual fundraising events; or (iii) lost grant funding and how any of these 3 circumstances have impacted current programming.

To begin a new application, click here: Apply for a Grant.