Grant Application

The Application Process

Follow these 4 steps to create an account, complete your organization profile, and submit your grant application. You can download the create account/application instructions here: Account-Profile-Applications Instructions

  1. Create an account  
  2. Create a Profile for your organization
  3. Read about the Grant type you are applying for and gather up all the necessary documents
  4. Complete the online application

If you have any questions, please contact us

All applications and materials must be received by January 20th, 2023.

Your Point of Contact or their designee must be available for possible 2nd stage interview in March of 2023 (specific dates to be provided).

Notice will be given to the listed point of contact in the application, as to the time and date of the interview.

All applicants should plan on being invited to Second Interviews, though some may be excused based on the volume of total applications. A Second Interview is not a requirement to receive a grant from the BACF.

Read about the Grant Types below to determine the best grant option for your organization. Gather all the necessary documents based on your grant type.

Required documents:

A. IRS 990: most recent submission to the IRS, Federal 990 (uploaded in your Profile section).

B. Tax-Exempt Ruling: from IRS or recent letter from IRS of application status (uploaded in your Profile section).

C. Mission Statement: explains the purpose of your non-profit organization.

D. Project Budget: the anticipated expenses for the project.

E. Timetable for the project: when milestones for your project will be met.

F. Agency Budget: the upcoming year’s budget for your organization.

G. Financial Statements: preferably from your accountant or auditor for most recent year.

H. Financial Data Appendix: for Applications over $5,000. You can download the Appendix, complete it, and upload in the Application: Financial Appendix 2023

Download instructions for completing the Less than or Equal to $5,000 Application: BACF Grant of $5000 or less Instructions

Download instructions for Grant Application over $5,000: BACF Grant over $5000 Instructions

BACF’s focus remains addressing unmet needs of the Barrington community.

This year BACF will be accepting applications based on financial need in order to sustain programming in the Barrington Area.

There will be a strong emphasis on financials and longevity of the charity and the programming.

Sustainability Grant applicants need to show they have: (i) lost funding from their usual donation sources; or (ii) have not had the ability to conduct usual fundraising events; or (iii) lost grant funding and how any of these 3 circumstances have impacted current programming.

Download instructions for Sustainability Grants: Sustainability Grant Instructions