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Application Information

The mission of the Barrington Area Community Foundation is to address the unmet needs of the community by asking charities that serve the area to present grant requests for funds within their individual missions.

The Foundation will judge and make grants annually from its permanent funds on the basis of a formula that balances the local needs and at a minimum preserves the corpus of net assets. Funding, not programming, is the basic function of the Foundation.

All applications and materials must be received by January 25th, 2019.

For 2019, the entire application process will be completed online. That included uploading documents: mission statement, project budget, agency budget, timetable, financial statements, IRS 990, and tax-exempt ruling via the website.

Your Point of Contact or their designee must be available for possible 2nd stage
interview on Friday, March 8th, 2018 and Saturday, March 9th, 2019. Notice to the
listed point of contact in the application will be given by March 6th, 2019 at the latest as
to the time and date of the interview. (Grant requests for less than $10,000 may be
 excused from this requirement.)

The “Best Use of Volunteers” award recognizes organizations that most effectively leverage volunteers to fulfill their mission. Organizations use volunteers for many types of activities, services, events and projects.

The volunteers can have direct contact with the organization’s clients or serve in support roles. They may utilize specialized skills or perform what might be considered low-skilled activities.

Download more information about the BUV Award: Best Use of Volunteers

For 2019,  the grant application will be completed online. All necessary documents will be uploaded: mission statement, project budget, agency budget, timetable, financial statements, IRS 990, and tax-exempt ruling.

Please gather the documents before you start the application. The online application cannot be saved without uploaded the required documents.

Please gather up the following documents before proceeding with the application. The Application cannot be saved unless the documents are uploaded.

Be sure to add a meaningful name name to the files, ie: Agency Name Mission Statement

Required documents:

A.  IRS 990: most recent submission to the IRS, Federal 990 (uploaded in your Profile section).
B.  Tax-Exempt Ruling: from IRS or recent letter from IRS of application status (uploaded in your Profile section).
C.  Mission Statement: explains the purpose of your non-profit organization
D.  Project Budget: the anticipated expenses for the project.
E.  Agency Budget: the upcoming year’s budget for your organization.
F.  Timetable for the project: when milestones for your project will be met.
G.  Financial Statements: preferably from your accountant or auditor for most recent year.

NOTE: The IRS Ruling or your Application for 501(c)(3) status must be uploaded in your profile section.

Download instructions for completing the Less than or Equal to $5,000 Application:

Download instructions for Grant Application over $5,000: