Directors & Officers

Directors are all Barrington area residents and were selected to provide a cross-section of the area. Each brings unique qualifications to the Board. This is the list of Directors and Officers for 2016.

  President Karen Lambert  
  Vice-President Young Chung  
  Secretary James Fitzgerald  
  Treasurer Robert Beaubien  









Susan Ahern
Robert Beaubien
Young Chung
Kim Duchossois
James Fitzgerald
Kristin Frazier
Harold Gianopulos, Jr.
Kay Gillespie
Thomas Herb
David Hirsch
Jack Keenan
Andrew Kelleher

Karen Lambert
Paula McCombie
Gerry Nadig
Marilyn Patrick
Carlos Saez
Alfred St. John
Norbert Schwarz
William Shannon
Norval Stephens
David Waring
Meeta Yadava
George Yapp


 Life Directors


David Nelson
William Noyes
Frederica Pederson

Glenn Reed
Gil Reich
Charles Sweet


Committee Chairs 





Executive Committee:
Grant Review:
Board Development:
Golf (co-chairs):
Youth Advisory Council:
Grants Audit:

George Yapp
William Shannon
Kim Duchossois
Jack Keenan/Skip Gianopulos
Skip Gianopulos
Susan Ahern
Young Chung
Andy Kelleher
Norval Stephens

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