Privacy Policy

Set forth below is the policy of the Barrington Area Community Foundation (which policy has been approved by the Foundation’s Board of Directors as of August 18, 2008) governing treatment and protection of certain information.

During the ordinary course of the Foundation’s fundraising and grant-making activities, information is compiled and maintained in our records with respect to donors, prospective donors, prospective grant applicants, grant applicants and grant recipients, including, but not limited to the names, addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.

Such information is generally treated as confidential by the Foundation and is not shared with third parties except that from time to time the Foundation publishes information such as (1) the names of donors and categories of amounts donated (unless requested by the donor that the donor’s gift be designated as “anonymous”); and (2) the names of grant recipients and the use of granted funds.

Any and all such information is stored at the Foundation’s offices located at 600 Hart Road, Suite 205, Barrington, IL 60010, 847-382-8800 or fax 847-381-5401, in the files of the Foundation’s Secretary, or other designated person responsible for the custody of financial and accounting data. The Foundation takes reasonable and customary precautions to keep all offices and files supervised or secured to prevent unauthorized use and access to Foundation information. Computer-filed information is also protected from unauthorized use and access by standard anti-theft programs.

Any person or organization may indicate by notifying the Foundation at the address indicated above that any information so maintained by the Foundation shall be removed from the records of the Foundation, and any individual or organization that wishes to be removed from our mailings and other solicitation activities may request this action by notifying the Foundation at the address above.