Confidentiality Policy

All information about the Barrington Area Community Foundation that is not a matter of public record or otherwise duly authorized to be disclosed by the Board or the appropriate officer of the Board shall be considered confidential. Members of the Board and any non-Board members serving on a Board committee shall not disclose to third parties confidential information regarding Foundation matters while engaged in the conduct of business on behalf of the Foundation. Statements of individual Board or committee members and matters discussed in Board meetings shall be considered confidential unless disclosure is duly authorized. Foundation documents, reports, records, data, minutes or analysis of such materials are considered confidential unless made public by Board order. Information about donors, donations, pending grants, investments, contracts and agreements entered into by the Foundation, policies and procedures of the Foundation, financial information and business records of the Foundation are confidential until and unless they are made officially public. All material, information and discussion as part of the grant-making process is confidential and only information made public as part of the grant award will be considered on the public record and thereby not confidential. Board and committee members who have a question concerning what is confidential should seek guidance from the President or the Board in a Board meeting.